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Cynefin Retreats are residential and tickets are inclusive of accommodations, meals, and session activities. Please note that start and end times on the first and last day will be confirmed closer to the event. We expect to confirm for people to arrive on Day 1 in the afternoon in time for a group dinner and evening social and depart the last day around noon immediately following a morning wrap-up session.

Availability of transfer services will be communicated to delegates 6 to 8 weeks before the retreat. Full meals breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for attendees. If you require special dietary requirements, please inform us when you book via this form.

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Franschhoek South Africa. Their retreats were typically days, and featured much silence and prayer. At the end of the 19th century, and in the first years of the 20th century, retreats began to spread among the working classes and beyond those of notable devotion. These retreats were less ascetic in character, and included more conversation and leisure. They typically lasted days. Spiritual retreats may have various themes that reinforce Christian values, principles, and scriptural understanding.

They may be individual or involve a group. Retreats for Christian youth groups are common, as are getaways for Sunday School classes, men's and women's Bible study groups, and Christian school field trips. Common locations for Christian retreats include churches and retreat centers.

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Retreat centers typically offer overnight accommodations such as in a cabin or dormitory , meals, activities, meeting rooms, and chapel space. Following the growth of the Cursillo movement in Spain in the 20th century, similar retreats have become popular, either using licensed Cursillo material or independent material loosely based on its concepts, leading to the development of the three day movement.

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The translation of khalwa from Arabic is seclusion or separation, [12] but it has a different connotation in Sufi terminology. In Sufi terminology, khalwa is the act of total self-abandonment in desire for the Divine Presence. In complete seclusion, the Sufi continuously repeats the name of God as a highest form of remembrance of God meditation.

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Ibn Arabi suggested: "The Sufi should shut his door against the world for forty days and occupy himself with remembrance of Allah, that is to keep repeating, "Allah, Allah First, He will discover the secrets of the mineral world. If he occupies himself with dthikr, He God will unveil to the secrets of the vegetable world, then the secrets of the animal world, then the infusion of the world of life-force into lives, then the "surface sign" the light of the Divine Names, according to Abdul-Karim al-Jeeli, the book's translator , then the degrees of speculative sciences, then the world of formation and adornment and beauty, then the degrees of the qutb the soul or pivot of the universe-see 16 Then he will be given the divine wisdom and the power of symbols and authority over the veil and the unveiling.

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The degree of the Divine Presence is made clear to him, the garden of Eden and Hell are revealed to him, then the original forms of the son of Adam, the Throne of Mercy. If it is appropriate, he will know his destination. Then he will reveal to him the Pen, the First Intellect as it is called by Sufi philosophers , then the Mover of the Pen, the right hand of the Truth. The "Truth" as defined by al-Jeeli is that by which everything is created, none other than God most High. The practice of khalwah is regularly followed by the Sufis, with the permission and the supervision of a Sufi authority.

The Sufis base the assigning of forty days of khalwa period on the forty days Allah had appointed for Musa Moses as a fasting period before speaking to him, as mentioned in different chapters in the Qur'an.

One of them is from surat al-Baqarah. Meditation courses or retreats, either in a group or solo, are a common part of many meditation traditions. In modern Yoga a retreat is often a recreational holiday, where everyday business is left for a few days weekend-retreat up to weeks.

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