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There is growing evidence that climate change is affected by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, which can lead to a warmer planet and more volatile weather patterns, as well as rising sea levels. These changes in our climate may lead to reduction in productivity as well as physical destruction, resulting in forced human migration and causing immense economic losses and severe political instability, globally. The greenhouse gas emissions are what economists term stock pollution problem that accumulate through the process of ongoing industrialization.

Human related greenhouse gas emissions is a product of our modern way of life, and is affected by globalization and capital flows, which leads to new demand for energy and higher energy prices. These effects are observed in China, for instance, where FDI and government investment have lifted overall investment in China and contributed to its growth.


This growth produced sharp increases in demand for energy, and led China to become a major importer of oil. China also halted some biofuel production because the loss of land for food crops has produced record high food prices. The major challenge is to slow or even reverse the accumulation of greenhouse gases to a level that is tolerable and that would not lead to negative consequences. This would require policies that drastically reduce human made greenhouse gases, and lead to carbon sequestration and storage. The policy is especially challenging given population and economic growth in developing economies.

The reduction in greenhouse gases may require modification in behavior, as well as drastic changes in technology. The main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions include energy sources from fossil such as oil and coal, deforestation in tropical forests, and land use management practices. Thus, the reduction in greenhouse gases can be achieved by reducing energy consumption, increasing energy use efficiency, using cleaner energy sources, adopting improved agricultural and forestry practices, and introducing carbon sequestration and storage technologies.

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Existing technologies can meet some of these challenges, but the set of technological tools needs to be augmented by successful outcomes of new research and development efforts. These successful outcomes that result in technological change may be associated with large changes in investment and in the capital composition, as well as changes in behavior. The need to reduce anthropogenic emissions such as carbon emissions can be obtained through a mix of policies, which include incentives to modify behavior and investment in research and development of cleaner technologies.

The efficient policy is a uniform global price for carbon, as well as uniform prices for other environmental amenities such as land. The efficient policy can be implemented using carbon tax, and subsidizing carbon sequestration and storage. Alternatively, under certain conditions an efficient outcome can be achieved using tradable permits. Yet another option might be to levy a tax on fuel consumption, introduce land use management practices, and price other observable activities based on the calculation of their greenhouse gas emissions. This system should be complemented with increase spending on research and development for clean technologies, as well as research and monitoring activities to better assess the evolution of greenhouse gases and their implications.

However, the difficulty of estimating the marginal cost of the pollution externality usually prevents the application of an efficient solution, and regulators resort to a second best alternative to pursue cost-effective policies whereby a country or a global community aims to achieve a predetermined pollution reduction target at the lowest cost. Cost effective polices impose a uniform tax on greenhouse gases, that may be implemented through carbon taxation or a cap and trade schemes.

However, policy instruments are chosen to meet multiple objectives not only efficiency , and their selection is affected by political economic considerations. Thus, the objective of environmental regulation of climate change may simply be to limit the increase in average temperature or the amount of carbon emitted to the air. Pollution problems usually are contained within countries, and governments establish policies such as taxes, property rights, and standards to regulate them. When, however, externalities are transnational or global, as is the case of greenhouse gases, a governess structure to establish and enforce policies is needed.

That is the reason for international agreements or international conventions that establish mechanisms for sharing responsibilities for pollution reduction and coordinating policy among countries. Although a ton of carbon is a ton of carbon and so the price of carbon should not vary widely among emitter, one cannot simply disregard any distributional effects that may prevent countries from joining an international agreement on the environment and adhering to their commitment in the future.

Mothapo advised consumers to report water-related challenges to the municipal helpline on or Smalle said Limpopo municipalities invested the money with VBS without acquiring the necessary council. He said proactive st steps from Treasury would have minimised the losses. Anyone who could have prevented this heist and did not act, must be held accountable. We believe the law must take its course. It is a process and we support this process. People must be held accountable. The law enforcement agencies have already indicated that municipal officials are next in line.

He added that the municipality was trying to create a balance in the system to ensure that all areas receive water supply because. This news was issued in a media statement on Tuesday morning, two days before the High Court in Pretoria was to hear an urgent case on Thursday, brought by Equal Education EE and two Limpopo schools, to ensure that meals are provided to all nine million learners who qualify to benefit from the programme.

The statement read that all learners in Grade R to 12 in quintile schools benefitting from the programme, whether their schools have re-opened or not, will be receiving their daily meals from their schools. Represented by the Equal Education Law Centre and Section 27, EE and the schools asked the court for a declaratory order that there is a duty on government to ensure that all learners who qualify to benefit from the programme must continue to receive these meals, regardless of whether their grades returned to schools on 8 June.

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EE Secretary-General Noncedo Madubedube said they were also to ask the court to provide a structural order that requires both national and provincial departments to provide, within five days of the court order, detailed plans and all the information on the implementation of this programme. The organisation said the impact of the suspension of the programme has been devastating.

Madubedube added that it was shameful that the government was being taken to court to fulfill its constitutional mandate. Tidimalo Chuene, Spokesperson for Education said the department has already instructed service providers to deliver food to their allocated schools so that food handlers can start with preparations for all grades.

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Schools participating in the programme using the decentralised model have also been directed to procure food for all their learners. Learners will be served meals only at schools. Parents and caregivers were urged to ensure that learners who only come to school for meals have their masks on at all times and return home as soon as serving is done. This is for the good and welfare of those learners who depend on this programme for a reliable meal. Molatelo Phooko said it will be difficult for teachers because when learners come in on days they are not meant to be at school, it will be overcrowded and it will be difficult to apply social distancing.

According to the university in a recent newsletter, final-year students and other identified groups of students who require laboratories and essential resources for their studies will return to campus in a coordinated phased approach from 29 June. In the university newsletter, however, it is specifically stated that the groups are catered for.

UL Registrar, Kwena Masha, told Polokwane Observer that their campus is the biggest sustained area of congregation in the province, with roughly 22 students and close to 3 staff members, and it is for this reason that the re-opening of campus should be done responsibly. The university appeals for calm and for students to constructively participate in ongoing multi-modal teaching and learning activities.

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More than applications for comorbidities concessions were received, mainly from teachers, but only were granted. According to the council, the department picked up on fake medical certificates provided to applicants from a certain section of doctors. The insinuation that teachers consult private doctors and submit medical certificates that do not conform to protocol, is not enough reason to call for an investigation. The intimidation of teachers with comorbidities does not have space in the workplace, particularly the involvement of police in the absence of reported cases to warrant investigation.

The Spokesperson for the Department of Education in Limpopo, Tidimalo Chuene said plans are underway to receive all the learners. She said they are finalising models of time tables to accommodate physically distancing. Teachers at the school were hard at work altering classrooms and sanitising all the learning materials. The school has also created an educational video. Johannah Raselabe, Acting Deputy Principal for the foundation phase said the video will be sent to parents.

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She said they are. Schools that applied for an earlier phasedin return of learners and were approved, have already phased-in some of the other grades. Along the N1 is a borehole equipped with a play pump and a steel reservoir. I want to get permission to change this to a windpump. Mouton also announced his board of directors.

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Somewhere in my life, I have heard that behind every strong man is a stronger woman or that good leaders surround themselves by better assistants. Westenburg residents, Sampie Lyle and Sarel Martin were inducted as members of the Rotary Club of Pietersburg during a virtual meeting last Thursday. Meyer reiterated that the new members will now be able to benefit from strong bonds of friendship with fellow. Rotarians, locally and worldwide. Ek kom u sien, waar u ook al is. Gedateer 25 April te Polokwane.

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  • Die Eksekuteer Boedel wyle A. Confirmation of cancellation of the Agreement; 2. Retention of all monies paid to the Plaintiff by the Defendant; 4. Leave is granted to the Plaintiff to apply for judgment against the First and Second Defendant.

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    Jointly and severally the one to pay the other to be absolved, for: 4. Take notice further that if you fail to give such notice, judgment may be granted against you without further notice. In terms of Government Listing Notices 1. R, the proposed development activity falls within the category of Activity 14, of which requires a Basic Assessment. The proposed construction of a filling station is listed as follows: Activity The development of facilities or infrastructure for the storage, or for the storage and handling, of dangerous goods, where such storage occurs in containers with a combined capacity of 80 cubic metres or more but not exceeding cubic metres.

    O Box , Masingita, , Cell: , E-mail: envirosana gmail. SGD P. All interested persons having objection to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in writing with the Registrar of Deeds Limpopo at Polokwane within two weeks from the date of the publication of this notice. Thomas Grobler Attorneys. Box Polokwane, Tel: E-mail: deeds tgprok. Box Polokwane, Tel Fax E- mail: comm cnilaw. Box Polokwane, Tel Fax E-mail: comm cnilaw. Box Polokwane, Tel , Fax E- mail: comm cnilaw. Creditors and debtors are called upon to submit their claims and pay their debts at the below mentioned address wihtin 30 days from date of publication of this notice.

    Creditors and debtors are called upon to submit their claims and pay their debts at the below mentioned address within 30 days from date of publication of this notice. Ledwaba was voted in as the first woman vice president for Safa in a national council meeting in According to a statement from Safa, the overwhelming majority of the NEC members expressed their disappointment in both Ledwaba and Mokoena in their handling of Safa matters in the public domain and their engagement with third parties.