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Saul Pincus and his brother-in-law, the late Mr. Isaac Abrahams, were actively engaged In Zionist affairs and the present directors have maintained this Interest. Saul Pincus Pty. To us at the Jerusalem Post who can still remember our recent silver jubilee, youi Zionist Record seems ancient indeed on the eve of its golden jubilee. I know, however, how youthful the paper is in its spirit and enterprise under the dynamic editorship of Mr. My own experience of "cover- the Yishuv's struggle at the same tinian soldiers in the Western Ing" Jerusalem for the Zionist time for recognition as a war ally Desert in Egypt and later in Italy, Record in the critical between -which was finally crowned with where they were formed into the war years-between World War success on the establishment of Jewish Brigade, were among the II and Israel's War of Independ- the Jewish Brigade.

Although too most rewarding in all my news- ence; the years , '45, '46 and late to rescue the condemned mil- paper career. The company was founded in Cape Town more than 65 years ago by the late Mr. Menes Bloch, and the story of Its romance and growth from a small store to the vast organisation it is today is largely the story of the Bloch family, of whom the third generation is now engaged in business.

Through Its offices in London, New York and else- where, the company imports a tremendous variety of merchandise and thus caters for the needs of the trade throughout the Union and the Federation.

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The company Is proud of its record of service to all sections of the community and will endeavour to maintain this reputation in the future. Clark's headquarters in Florence in the spring of , on the eve - British troops searching the , luggage of "illegal immigrants. Lurle, now managing editor of the Jerusalem Post, who was Jerusalem correspondent of 1 the Zionist Record during the critical period of , the period preceding the establishment of the State.

Below are typical news stories of August, They deal with deportations of refugees from Israel curfew in Haifa, statements by the British Government and decisions by Polish Zionists to evacuate all Jews from Poland. It is this type of news which, in this article, Mr. Lurie recalls i having cabled week by week to the Zionist Record. Zionist Conference , which was held ii Johannesburg in July, The conference met under the shadow of the death of Dr. Herzl which took place the previous year. The horrors of the Klshinev pogrom were still fresh in the minds of the delegates and there was the rift between the sup- porters of Uganda and the sup- porters of Palestine as the pros- pective Jewish national home.

The chairman, Mr. A notable feature of the con- Mr. Kirson, who is happily still ference was a paper delivered by active in" the I. Hertz, the then memories of those days' when Rabbi of the Johannesburg Hebrew. The Haganah ship, Exodus, which was ordered back to Europe in In wishing the Zionist. Record another half century of success I can only pray that you won't have any more wars to report.

Brekes SQuitPoland" ,. Censorship was a particular obstacle in trying to tellthe-truth.. Some of your readers in South- Africa, Mr. Gershater, may not i. If I am to be charged with lack of objectivity as a reporter I acqept without demurrer and can only add that I was surely not expected to-be objective in report- ing the 'simultaneous strugglee against the British White Paper and against Hitler.

E openn. State of Israel. SIt was during his- encumbency Edgar Bernstein of the editorial chair that the journal developed from a monthly to a fortnightly, and from a fort-C nightly into the weekly of the pre- sent day. He attracted to the columns of the Zionist Record con- tributions from Jewish writers all over the world, and gave it the character of a Jewish newspaper " where it had previously been limi-. Zionist propaganda.

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He made it a policy to encourage. David Dainow brought to light editorial and business manage- the literary talent of the late Dr. David Mierowsky, one of South Inent was in the hands of Mr. Africa's best known educationists. But I,,,,,,,,,. Dainow persisted, and eventually got him to agree to "try his lish articles, written at Mr. That was eventually, to the "Record's" how "Letters of a Jewish Father editorial chair. Zionist Record created such it was under him that I served my an interest that their publication apprenticeship in Jewish journa- in book form followed: lism. Chaim Gershater, Record way back in , in re- the present editor the Zionist sponse to an advertisement calling Record, to write in English.

His first Eng- perlences in my new position shattered quite a few of my illusions about comnmunal work and communal leaders. Had it not been for the unfailing kindness which David Dainow showed me during the early months of adaptation, I doubt whether I would have remained in Jewish journalism.

Zionist record

Dainow held me over the brambles and taught me to develop a resistance to the frus- trations and disappointments that are as inseparable a part of Jewish communal work as its rewards and satisfactions. He became my friend as well as my "Chief," and though I left the paper a few years later for other pastures, we have remained close friends to this day His capacity for friendship has always been one of David Dainow's characteristics.


Though he has never been rich in a worldly sense what journalist who remains a I The late Mr. Reinhold, who I was for many years chairman! Daleski, who was closely! His approach to people was-still is- to take them on trust. Doing so has brought him his share of dis- appointments; but also, I am sure has enriched his life, as he has enriched the lives of his friends. It was David Dalnow's human- kindliness that brought him to South Africa. A Zionist from his youthful days in his native England, and a free-lance journa- list in Canada, he began contri- buting to the Zionist Record- then the monthly bulletin of the S.

For advertising rates consult your Advertising Agency or any of the publications listed above. Bertha Joffe, who, with her husband. Chaim Joffe, and their. The late Chaim was a man of and built up a very successful cold storage business in South Africa. Even in those early days he plan- ned to introduce a similar cold storage plant into Eretz Yisrael. Thus, the plan for a mortgage bank-the South African Binyan--first germinated. Joffe, Policansky, and the rest took up shares and made their first prac- tical link with Eretz Israel.

In they visited Palestine and rejoiced to see that the Binyan was already in operation under the enterprising management of Abraham Levy. Chaim Joffe lost no time. He acquired the site on the Petach Tlkva road, near Tel Aviv's old railway station, where the Pales- tine Cold Storage has continued to operate until this very day. He also induced Louis Policansky, who with his wife settled in Israel later.

Early the next year Cha'm Joffe went abroad. He attended the Zionist Congress at Basle and went on to England to order machinery for his cold storage plant. He then proceeded to South Africa to enlist the collaboration of his col- leagues. While all this was hap- pening the riots broke out and they were liable to have shaken the faith of any potential investor. However, Joffe did not hesitate and went ahead with his plans. His cold storage opened in and was a success from the start. It was a bitter blow in the first place to his brave wife and family, but no less to his wide circle of friends, when Chaim Joffe died in In these short seven years, however, he succeeded in building up a flourishing business wh!

Whtn they came here, however, there was no work, and the land itself could give them no living.


Policansky acted swiftly. Com- bining all the land holdings into a joint project, he helped to bring up a water supply, negotiated for mortgages to enable the settlers to obtain their homes, and pro- ceeded to lay the foundations of orange plantations and fruit orchards. Dozens of families took advan- tage of this scheme and today this is one of the most prosperous farming areas in the entire country.

At first the prices obtained for oranges were not encouraging and there was always the problem of a large quantity of rejects. Chalm Joffe soon had the brainwave of bottling the surplus orange juice, and it was not long before his product, Mitz- Paz, was on the market.

This Mrs. Joffe thinks wistfully back subsequently developed into the to those days 30 years ago whet, large enterprise Jaffora, which is everything, however insignificant, so well appreciated on the British was so important to them all. She and Continental markets. Joffe what social publicity and self-aggrandisement life was like in those days.

Her His happy financial -position face immediately lit up. Apart from his very was very much smaller in those substantial holdings in the Cold days, and everyone belonged to one Storage, the Binyan, and the family. We took pleasure in the orange groves, Policansky was smallest things.

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Every time a tree always seeking out other means of was planted it meant something to helping people without thought of us personally. Per- Jewish National Fund. In' those sons familiar with Tel Aviv will days when land acquisition was a appreciate what it means when very complicated affair, the J. There were deposits. After a lapse of time no buildings on Ben Yehuda or which might mean several months, Hayarkon Streets. The Mograbi or even years, the Arab owners Theatre ame later.

Where was the Keren hn co sund- Kayemeth to obtain it? There was Mark Levin. When Jacob Gesund- one address which would never helt built his beautiful house in fail, and whenever they turned to Ben Yehuda Street containing its Louis Policansky he put his hand own shul, it was one of the won- deep into his pocket. Thus he was ders of the generation. It was directly responsible for many also regarded by the old-timers valuable acquisitions of national as being at the other end of the land.

Today the site of that Policansky and the Joffes were house is the scene of bitter con- associated in those days with trov6rsy because that -is where another valuable project. The Tel Aviv's first Supermarket has area of their orange grove was a been erected -- just around the neglected stretch of land. The corner from the Federation's J. It hadI During her 30 years, Mrs. From modest begin- nings it has grown in th. Exports from the Union and S. More women the world over will in the karakul breed with the ex- out small fur fashions-stoles, probably buy karakul pelt gar- ceptional lustre and suppleness capelets, jackets, hip-length capes, ments this year than ever before.

The name karakl1 is probably black Persian lamb, and this beau- The young lambs are slaugh- derived from the oasis of Karakul tifully textured, silky fur is the tered, as soon as possible after in the province of Buchara border- most widely produced. You will birth to retain the lightness in ing the Black, Sea. Kara-kull find that there are silvery greys, weight, the characteristic curly means Black Sea. Most of these colours are ness, without sacrificing strength, that the karakul breed originated obtained through the skill of the which all contribute towards the in Persia and currently the name expert dyer -who knows just how growing popularity of garments" Persian Lamb for the pelt derived to treat 'these furs to be so smart made from South-West African from the karakul sheep is in- and acceptable.

Persian lamb.