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The man in the bowler hat is possibly the farm manager.

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A rather unkempt moving off shed preparatory to working its livestock loads and empties back to Pietermaritzburg. Normally one engine sufficed for the Richmond branch, at this time it was GCA with a regular crew based in Richmond. When traffic surges necessitated two, or even three trains to Richmond the extra workings employed Mason's Mill engines and men.

The other end of the shed, looking back through the station towards Thornville. Stretch model. The Santa Fe was the first railroad to try this. They had hinged boilers to get them around the curves. The South African tribal lands were poorly served by roads which meant the horse was the way people got around. The biggest markets for horses, by far, were the tribal Zulus and Xhosas and other South African tribes. Waiting to be loaded and transported elsewhere. When Brian visited Richmond again in Class GFs had taken over and he found two of them parked in a siding beyond the station, the back one having arrived shortly before with the daily wayside.

The locomotive was immaculately turned out, royal blue-painted GF named "Magdalena" after the wife of the senior driver at Nelspruit from whence was transferred when that depot was dieselised in May The daytime stopper from Pietermaritzburg to Franklin was classified as a mixed, as was one of the two night trains.

However, passenger vehicles predominated to the extent that it was quite rare to see goods wagons in the consist. Robert has provided this impressive view of GMA departing Pietermaritzburg with down to Franklin on 31 May Once a fortnight each engine at the outlying depots Donnybrook and Franklin had to come in to Masons Mill for their boiler washouts. Trains and were used for ferrying the engines, the former being a scheduled doubleheader.

Over the years it was the rule that a bogie wagon had to be marshalled between the two engines to save wear on the non-self-adjusting pivots on these early design garratts. By the traffic on the Cape-Natal had grown beyond the point where time could be wasted by inserting a runner wagon. This was down goods coming through Edendale, rather stylishly, in May Note the time-honoured runner wagon between the engines. Another rule on train make-ups but this one was in the General Appendix was that there should be a minimum of two runner wagons either side of loaded fuel tankers.

This one too was occasionally honoured in the breach, e. This was down approaching Sikoleni Halt in May On a stunning Autumn morning in Dusty Durrant made this beauty of down, the daytime mixed to Franklin, approaching the water stop at Henley. Henley was the first service stop for westbound trains under steam power. Approximately two months and a train's length further on, Rags braved the swaying branches of an Aussie Saligna tree to record GF drawing into Henley with down, the PMB to Donnybrook pick up. A GCA with a fair downhill load of pulpwood and sawlogs departing from Henley, date and engine number not recorded.

While passenger traffic was always extremely busy over the Easter weekend, freight was the opposite as can be deduced from this crossing at Henley on Easter Monday, 15 April How quickly that Aussie Saligna grows. The same train is depicted in photo On the short straight just beyond Henley, the crews of the same train depicted in photo 22 performed splendidly for the camera. Towards the end of regular steam, Dusty took this double GF combination working down out of Henley. This is the same train depicted much later in the day in photo Only during the last few months of steam to Donnybrook was the rule regarding insertion of runner wagons relaxed.

This saved an awful lot of shunting before a train could be got under way. The train was down near Gezubuso Halt before the building of the power lines for the national grid in the Autumn of Photographed in June from on board the daily, except Sundays, diesel-hauled Franklin bound passenger train made up of 3rd class swing-door suburban stock, 1st class sleeper and baggage van, heading up the picturesque Msunduze valley dotted with Zulu kraals between Gezubuso and Kwa-Guzu.

Compare the dwellings in this photo with those in Eugene's similar 'from the train' title photo earlier composition near Edendale. Those closer to town were already going from round to square or oblong, and of course, much less attractive. This view near Gezubo shows almost entirely traditional Zulu rondawels. At this time the loop was being extended in preparation for dieselisation. The quarry at Kwa Guzu is in the left background. The white substance in the DZs is lime for the sugar-cane fields beyond Inglenook. GF waits at Taylors as class mate approaches with the opposing pick-up. It was timed to arrive at pm in Franklin.

Taylors, July Restarting from a servicing stop lasting some 15 minutes, GMA seems eager to make up for lost time with down, the westbound mixed. At this juncture it is perhaps appropriate to record that mixed and passenger trains were allowed minutes for locomotive servicing between Pietermaritzburg and Franklin.

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The daily except Sunday all stations daytime Pietermaritzburg - Franklin passenger is seen again approaching the road overbridge half a mile west of Taylors. This train made 43 stops and took over 10 hours to reach Franklin. The GMA of down mixed no goods vehicles today was working hard towards Mbongweni Halt, clearly not planning on stopping. By Easter not only were the diesels about to take over but those traditional Zulu rondawels were being replaced by dull Western-style rectangular houses almost as quickly.

On the left horizon is a local landmark, Kwaqanda Rock, a popular gripless suicide route amongst rock climbers. In June the late afternoon sun was performing a son-et-lumiere with the GFs on down goods between Mbongweni and Munywini. Near Muniyuni, 16 April In the foreground is an example of the local 'roads' at the time, as well as a gent who was a likely customer of the Richmond horse sales.

May The second of Bruno's maps detailing the convolutions between Elandskop and Deepdale. Note that 'Mkhomazi' is the modern name for the 'Umkomaas' River. The latter has been retained in the text as this was the name used by the SAR and we are, after all, attempting to present to you a history of our wonderful railway.

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GMA with down mixed on the final, and most taxing, pitch of the mile climb from Pietermaritzburg to Elandskop. Note the much higher level of track disappearing behind the smoke.

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Today this once unspoilt glen is quite densely populated with informal housing. Easter The warning board for Elandskop is just around the next corner. On a hand-fired Garratt those 37 miles to Elandskop must have been murder for the long-suffering firemen. The warning board for Elandskop is next to the third wagon behind the tank of the second Garratt. With only yards to go to the summit there must have been some bribery and corruption involved in creating that spectacular exhaust. GMA and class mate with a Franklin-bound freight. The guard of up doubleheaded had just admitted down to the loop at Elandskop.

As there were invariably hordes of customers, t he arrival of down mixed was usually quite an event, especially at weekends. A local buck had come to greet a family-member or a friend on his way back from the mines - there was plenty of banter flying around. Elandskop station: at ft the highest point between Pietermaritzburg and Donnybrook. In this scene dating from , Class with by this time renumbered down had just arrived from Pietermaritzburg at 11 am.

The ride from Elandskop to Deepdale involves a spectacular descent of vertical feet over a distance of 22 miles, passing along the way the halts at Umhlongonek, Ncwadi and Mdutshini.